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Get your pet to the vet with...


Get your pet to the vet with Pet Ambulance...

With our increasingly busy lives it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to take our beloved family pets for their veterinary check-ups and consultations. It can also be stressful transporting a sick or injured family pet to, from or between veterinary clinics. Pet Ambulance Services provide an all hours on call vehicle that has been purpose fitted to transport family pets. It has large comfortable cages with monitoring equipment and oxygen if necessary. A closed circuit television and nursing assistance means that patients are monitored in transit.


With over 35 years collective nursing and critical care transport experience in the industry. Services include routine transportation to/from and between veterinary clinics and emergency call-outs.  We also offer a representation service, where we take a brief history, transport your pet to your regular vet and represent you in consult, then return your pet to your home. We can also attend your residence to medicate your pet (as directed by your veterinarian), change bandaging or even clip their nails.



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