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We are adding new services all the time. If in doubt, call us, we may be able to help you. 


Please click on the pricing list for our current charges (Mobile EFTPOS available)

Critical Care Transport

The ambulance is fully equipped for criti-care transports utilising oxygen, pulse-oximetres, fluid administration equipment, heating mats, patient restraints and of course close monitoring in transit. It is staffed by qualified, experienced Veterinary Nurses. 


Emergency Transfer

We have the facility to transport recumbent patients with constant monitoring and if needed, oxygen tent.


Routine Veterinary Visits 

Can't get to the vet? We can get your pet to the vet and represent you.

Vet to Vet Transfer

Your pet may need overnight monitoring, we will transfer your pet to the Animal Referral Hospital Emergency Department. We can transfer your pet back to your normal vet for day monitoring.

Bandage changes as directed.

Basic bandage and/or dressing changes. 

Home medicating/injections as prescribed.

If your Veterinarian has prescribed weekly injections, we can come to you. 



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